Our Story

More Than An
E-commerce Platform

Founded in 2019, Ingredients4U offers an unrivalled directory of products, sourced from world-class ingredient brands and companies across the globe. Our client base spans food, supplements, pharmaceutical grade products, cosmetic ingredients and much more. Customers can source ingredients as long as they have access to the internet, at any time, anywhere in the world.

BUT, we are much more than that. With more than 20 years of related experience, our team is able to provide our suppliers with the supply chain expertise, finance support, as well as marketing capabilities.





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Why Us?

There are three main USPs that make
Ingredients4U different.


Local warehouses allow us to deliver products to you faster.


We are transparent in terms of our suppliers, offering source partner/supplier information, profiles and certification relating to individual ingredients.


We guarantee that the ingredients meet official standards in each region. Click here for more information about our quality assurance.

Our Vision

Ingredients4U has always been more than an E-commerce platform. Not only does it bring together all the nutraceutical industry in one place, allowing customers to have access to a wide range of ingredients at the touch of a button, it also helps integrate the industry in a transparent, efficient, and effective model, to the benefit of suppliers and customers.


What does our 4U stand for?


A one-stop shop, bringing together suppliers under one umbrella.


Strictly unifying quality standards for each and every product.


Breaking through our limitations to meet the utmost business transparency.


Bringing you the most trendy and in-demand ingredients in the market.

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