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SmartHerb™ Ginkgo Biloba Extract (EU)

Manufacturer: Ingredients4u
Definition: Ginkgo biloba is vegan, non-GMO and contains an extract standardized to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides, 6% total terpene lactones and <5ppm ginkgolic acid. Ginkgo biloba is a popular supplement and one of the top-selling herbal medicines. Ginkgo biloba extract is collected from the dried green leaves of the plant.

Application: Gingko contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, antioxidants that provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals. In this way, antioxidants are believed to help reduce the risk of cancer. The extract can be taken as a supplement, and the dried leaves of the plant can be used to make tea. It's effective in brain health, healthy circulation, and anti-oxidation.

Form: It is available as liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets.

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CAS 90045-36-6
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Package Type 25.0kg/Drum