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MSM 60-80 Mesh

Manufacturer: ANSEN
Definition: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. It is also known by several other names including methyl sulfone and dimethyl sulfone (DMSO2). This colorless solid features the sulfonyl functional group and is the simplest of the sulfones. It is considered relatively inert chemically and is able to resist decomposition at elevated temperatures. It occurs naturally in some primitive plants, is present in small amounts in many foods and beverages, and is marketed as a dietary supplement. It is sometimes used as a cutting agent for illicitly manufactured methamphetamine. It is also commonly found in the atmosphere above marine areas, where it is used as a carbon source by the airborne bacteria Afipia. Oxidation of dimethyl sulfoxide produces the sulfone, both under laboratory conditions and metabolically.i

Application: People commonly use MSM for osteoarthritis. It is also used for pain, swelling, aging skin, hay fever, and many other conditions, It helps improve joint function and helps protect cartilage, reduces joint pain.

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Quality Standard USP
CAS 67-71-0
Chemical Formula (CH3) 2SO2
Molecular Weight 94.133
Package Type 25.0kg/drum