Independent quality-control team: “I4U standard”.

Ingredients4U’s own quality control team is given the responsibility to focus on product quality, food safety, and regulation compliance.

Third-party testing: a double assurance.

We collaborate with world’s reputed third-party institutions, such as SGS and Eurofins, to perform product testing, risk assessment, as well as to monitor pollution and physicochemical indexes.

Ingredients4U implements the BRC A&B food safety management system in accordance with ISO9001, which helps continuously improve the inner business processes and management in order to guarantee the supply of healthy and safe products, and provide superior service at its finest.

Questionnaires, worksite evaluation and product sample testing are administered in order to assess the integral level and select suppliers which meet our standards. The whole evaluation process covers quality and food safety risk analysis.

Ingredients4U monitors the logistics operation at each stage of the supply chain to ensure optimum product preservation. This includes supervising the container loading and departure, the third-party warehousing, as well as the final product delivery.