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Citicoline Sodium 98% (20kgs Packing)

Manufacturer: Xinxiang
Definition: Citicoline sodium is an essential intermediate in the synthesis of the major phospholipid of the cell membranes. Citicoline is available as a supplement in over 70 countries under a variety of brand names, When taken as a supplement, citicoline is hydrolyzed into choline and cytidine in the intestine. Once these cross the blood–brain barrier it is reformed into citicoline by the rate-limiting enzyme in phosphatidylcholine synthesis, CTP-phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase.

Application: It can be used as a nutritional supplement with potential neuroprotective and nootropic activity. It is possibly effective for decline in memory and thinking skills that occurs normally with age. Taking citicoline seems to help memory loss in people aged 50 to 85 years. A group of eye disorders that can lead to vision loss (glaucoma). Taking citicoline by mouth, as a shot, or as eye drops might improve vision in some people with glaucoma. And it's also widely used in Some evidences show it’s effective in Alzheimer disease, lazy eye (amblyopia), bipolar disorder, long-term blood flow problems in the brain (cerebrovascular diseases), cocaine use disorder,a mental state in which a person is confused and unable to think clearly, depression, bleeding within the skull (intracranial hemorrhage), vision loss due to blockage of the optic nerve (ischemic optic neuropathy), injury to the brain, spine, or nerves (neurological trauma), etc.


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Quality Standard CP2020
CAS 33818-15-4
Chemical Formula C14H25N4NaO11P2
Molecular Weight 510.31
Package Type 20.0kg/Drum