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Gamma Oryzanol 99% (UV) (20kgs/drum)

Manufacturer: Delekang

γ-Oryzanol is a mixture of lipids derived from rice (Oryza sativa). γ-Oryzanol occurs mainly in the fat fraction of rice bran and rice bran oil.

Originally thought to be a single chemical compound, it is now known to be a mixture of ferulic acid esters of phytosterols and triterpenoids, particularly cycloartenyl ferulate, 24-methylenecycloartanyl ferulate, and campesteryl ferulate,[3] which together account for 80% of γ-oryzanol

The product is in white or almost white powder, odorless

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Quality Standard Supplements
CAS 11042-64-1
Chemical Formula C40H58O4
Molecular Weight 602.89
Package Type 20.0kg/Drum