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Chitosan High Density 90%

Manufacturer: Rixing
Definition: The Chitosan of high density is sourced from shrimp and crab shells, In contrast to the symptomatic treatments, chondroitin can modify the progression of a disease process in the patient which it can be used as an alternative medicine. Chondroitin's effect toward the articular cartilage integrity as it is part of the proteoglycan molecules. The cartilage proteoglycan synthesis can speed up as chondroitin is going through the pathway of the alimentary cana.

Application: Chondroitin as a supplement is now commonly used in treating the joint disease of osteoarthritis as well as glucosamine. Research has been conducted to show the effectiveness of chondroitin and results indicate that it helps to manage pain in knee and hip, slow down the progression and recovery, also it helps improve immune system and support the cardiovascular system


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Quality Standard Enterprise Standard
CAS 9012-76-4
Chemical Formula (C6H11NO4)n
Molecular Weight 161.16
Package Type 25.0kg/Drum